• Halloween At Aunt Ethel's

  • Halloween At Aunt Ethel's

    • 2019
    • 80 min
      • Comedia
      • Terror
Halloween At Aunt Ethel's
    • País
    • US
    • Producción
      • Hawk9 Productions
      • J. Thor Productions
      • Mazz Appeal Films
    • Fecha de estreno
    • 02/01/2019
Everyone in town knows the story of Old Aunt Ethel. It's said she makes Halloween candy and pumpkin pie out of the kids that trick-or-treat at her house. This Halloween, the neighborhood teens are going to find out the truth.
Joseph Mazzaferro
Joseph Mazzaferro
Chris Cavalier, Gail Yost, Jason Henne, Jovanni Mazzaferro, Lisa Mcconnell, Madeleine Murphy, Melissa Daddio, Rhyssa-Kathryn Marie, Sean Michael Gloria, Stephanie Town

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